LXD requires Go 1.9 or higher. Both the golang and gccgo compilers are supported.

Kernel requirements

The minimum supported kernel version is 3.13.

LXD requires a kernel with support for:

  • Namespaces (pid, net, uts, ipc and mount)
  • Seccomp

The following optional features also require extra kernel options:

  • Namespaces (user and cgroup)
  • AppArmor (including Ubuntu patch for mount mediation)
  • Control Groups (blkio, cpuset, devices, memory, pids and net_prio)
  • CRIU (exact details to be found with CRIU upstream)

As well as any other kernel feature required by the LXC version in use.


LXD requires LXC 2.0.0 or higher with the following build options:

  • apparmor (if using LXD's apparmor support)
  • seccomp

To run recent version of various distributions, including Ubuntu, LXCFS should also be installed.